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Senses Pharmaceuticals was established in Bangalore, India, in 2009 to cater to the increasing demand for quality sensory organ-related products across the globe. We currently produce a range of ophthalmic products including drops, ointments / gels, oral preparations and eye related surgical products. Going forward, we envisage addressing the demands in dermatology & ENT related products.

We are promoted by highly qualified professionals with years of experience in the global healthcare space. We have a pan-India presence supported by a rapidly increasing network of channel partners. Exports began in 2012 and our products are now available in 10 countries.

Our Strengths

Senses Pharmaceuticals is committed to quality and our products are manufactured to stringent standards in line with the guidelines set by regulatory authorities. Considering our understanding of the market we plan to pursue rapid growth – both geographically and in terms of product portfolio. We are following a roadmap to create products that address the growing needs in dermatology & ENT care.


Work with integrity and dedication to create innovative solutions that reflect quality
and creativity benefiting communities of today and
the future.


To be recognized as a leader offering cutting edge solutions in healthcare powered by innovation and expertise.

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